Special Services

Online Food Ordering

A Complete online food ordering system that allows restaurants to create visually appealing Categories, and Menu items to be ordered right through the app. PayPal integration allows you to be paid immediately on an order.
Also integrates with your website.
Allow customers to customise orders, and incorporate points rewards and special offers.

Schedule Staff

We provide a fully functioning online employee scheduling system at no charge.
Employees can be notified by Push notification and Email about their weekly schedules and will have the ability to always have their schedules and updates on their phones.
The back end has an easy to use drag and drop interface making it easily usable by even the non-tech-savvy!

Shopping Cart

A full-fledged Shopping Cart with an easy administration page providing full control over product pages, orders and invoicing.
This is perfect for eCom stores, local businesses and anyone selling their digital, physical or info products through their app.
The Shopping Cart script has a lucid interface and helps you customize users' shopping experience and convert them into buyers.