Push Notifications

We let you take Push Notifications to a whole new level! Impress your customers with rich text and images and create visually compelling messages. SMS broadcast - to select customers or all of them Email broadcast - to select customers or all of them. Use unlimited QR Codes to push special offers. Live chat with customers instore or ansewer questions and encourage them to come in and spend funds instore or on line

Link to Event Calendar

Our Event Calendar feature allows you to create events and generate excitement so your customers come to you on those days. - Event specials - Mother’s Day, 21st, Christenings and so on

Offline Communication

SMS Broadcast and E-mail Broadcast Communicate with clients who did not download the app.

Connect with your clients without them downloading your app.

Geo Fencing

Our state of the art technology allows you to target app holders with notifications when when they are in the vicinity of your business, to attract them in with special offers. Customers love it!

Pro-Active Communication

Create automated follow ups, client-based tasks, and send text messages including images and video to your clients. Increase sales per associate with automation of workflows, notes and reminders.